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When to use this Form to make a request? This form can be used to request broker’s approval for MLS FEE WAIVER FOR INDIVIDUAL LICENSEE NOT UTILIZING ANY MLS SERVICES. Licensee acknowledges that utilization of the NTREIS MLS is further defined, but not limited to, the following actions: 

Use of any NTREIS MLS system (on‐line or off‐line) and/or

Offering NTREIS benefits to real property owners.

The approval is not guaranteed and each case will be examined thoroughly by Summit Compliance Team to determine the risks associated with requesting such waiver. Risks are defined as:

Reputational Risks
State and Federal Regulatory Compliance Risk including NAR rules
Financial Risk
Operational Risk

Upon approval of the waiver if Licensee (Agent requesting the waiver) utilizes the NTREIS MLS at any time, Licensee agrees to pay an additional individual subscription fee  for the current quarter and any other calendar quarter in which the Individual accessed the MLS. The Licensee is further subject to a  fine of $50 per day for each individual using the NTREIS MLS, plus any additional fines, dues and payments that may be established by the  NTREIS MLS Provider Association.


All Fees are not refundable including the Waiver Application Request (This Form). Approval only valid for 3 months (Quarterly) 

Licensee must resubmit and be approved 30 days prior to the quarter ends to receive waiver for following quarter. 


MLS Waiver

SUMMIT Associate Information

I am a Commercial salespersons who do not list, show, sell or lease residential property which required to be filed with the MLS. *
I have commercial membership and subscribe to Loopnet and/or Costar *
Summit Associate must attach invoice for such membership. If you answer No to this question your application may be declined.
I have an Active REALTORS® Board Membership *
Summit Associate must describe in full details and reasons for not using MLS services
File Upload (Vendor Agreement and any supporting documents)
Maximum upload size: 10MB

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